Supply Chain Faculty

Mentor Of Middle East’s Largest League of Supply Chain Professionals

A trailblazer in logistics and supply chain management, the depth of
Dr. Sathya Menon’s contribution to building a knowledgeable workforce in the Middle East is extraordinary.

In a glorious career spanning close to three decades, Dr. Menon has personally trained more than 30,000 professionals in the field of Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain. Under his capable leadership, his brainchild Blue Ocean has produced the Middle East’s largest league of supply chain professionals.

As a champion of knowledge endorsement and the CEO of the Middle East’s leading corporate training and consulting organisation, Dr. Menon is responsible for elevating supply chain education to an epic level that is not much visible in companies with similar profiles in the region.

Vice – Chairman – CILT – UAE Chapter

(The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, UK)

Dr. Menon also holds the honourable position of the Vice-Chairman of the CILT – UAE Chapter (The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, UK).

Considered as an esteemed supply chain faculty by industry experts and his students, Dr. Menon’s training methodologies are so impactful that several of his students who are now spearheading operations for leading brands have publicly voiced their opinion stating that the knowledge gained from Dr. Menon’s lectures has been a valuable asset in their professional journey forever.

Expertise and Specialisations


Planning & Sourcing

Logistics Network Design

Demand Forecasting

Supply Chain Risk Management

Warehouse Management

Operations & Networking